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Personal Training

1-to-1 or Group Training

All sessions are tailored to you and your individual goals. Personal training is not just about getting you the results you want but to also help educate you on technique and different training strategies so that you maximise your time and performance within the gym.

We also cater for small group training, so if you have a few friends who share similar goals and wish to train together in a relaxed and motivating environment then please get in touch.

Strength & Conditioning

Sports Specific Training

Strength and Conditioning is a pivotal part to any athletes training regime. There are a number of attributes that Nyle can help you improve such as: speed, strength, power, agility and injury prevention stratergies.


Nyle has vast experience working with a wide array of athletes in both amateur and professional sports. So whether you are an individual athlete looking for some guidance or a team/club seeking some assistance please get in contact.

Sports Massage

Performance & Recovery

Sports Massage Therapy is a treatment that has been developed for those involved in physical activity to aid recovery from injury and to prevent injuries from occurring.  Sports Massage treatment will focus on the individuals’ needs. It is important that your muscles are relaxed, full of blood and nutrients. This is will then ensure optimal performance in your workouts and also your daily activities. 

Wissam has worked with many professionals from different fields such as doctors, construction workers, athletes and individuals that have a desk job. From my years of experience, anyone can benefit from a sports massage. Whether it’s relieving pain, improving posture, increasing blood flow, releasing knots and improving mobility. 

Welcome To Thrive Performance

Making a Positive Impact

Thrive Performance is Warwickshires leading provider for all things fitness.

Whatever your fitness level, we use strategic and scientifically proven methods to enable you to successfully achieve your goal. We don’t like to complicate things, we keep it simple and effective for sustainable results.

We successfully specialise in a variety of services including:

Personal Training

Sports Massage

Strength & Conditioning 


Online Training

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