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Why Aren’t I Losing Weight?

Why Aren’t I Losing Weight?

Clients, friends and family ask me this question very frequently, weight loss can sometimes be very elusive and often things are over complicated. Here are some of the most common reasons as to why you might be failing at weight loss.

Are you consistently tracking your calories? - No I mean are you really tracking your calories everyday? Thought not! Despite our best intentions it’s remarkably tough for us to be honest with our actions, yes you may of tracked your calories for the first few days or maybe even the first week or two if your lucky, guess what yes you probably were hitting your calorie deficit initially but as soon as you stopped monitoring things start creeping in slowly and before you know it that small calorie deficit you body required for weight loss has disappeared and your back to where you started.

Solution - Be more consistent in tracking your calories. What’s that you don’t have time? If weight loss is that important to you I guarantee you can find the time, you have enough time to scroll through Instagram wishing you had the physique of that person who’s photos are all airbrushed and only looked like that for that one particular photo-shoot.

You’re impatient! Yes aren’t we all but this is what separates those who succeed and reach their target and those who fall short and fail. Chances are you’re probably the type of person who opts for the rapid weight loss trick by taking a magic pill or follow that really good juice diet (I’m joking btw), oh what a surprise that didn’t work either. Just think about it for a minute, If it was that easy wouldn’t everyone feel happy in their body and with the way they look and feel if this was the case?

Solution - Be patient! Set yourself mini milestones so your regularly hitting targets that you set (Cheeky plug for Episode 1 in my Weight Loss Series, I will add the link below). No but in all seriousness set a daily goal it doesn’t have to be something major it could be as simple as drinking 2 litres of water each day, going to the gym 3 times a week or getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Lots of small victories help keep you motivated and on track with your journey.

You’re too focused on the 4% - You think that your training alone is going to be the catalyst for weight loss. Even if you train for one hour everyday you must recognise that this is only 4% of your day, can you really make the significant changes your looking for with only performing at 4%? Yes of course you are going to be helping the process and help create a calorie deficit but the other 96% is just as important.

Solution - Don’t just focus on one major factor, look at doing lots of small things well that way if you have a minor slip its not going to cause a major setback in your goals. The other 96% consists of ensuring that you allowing for the appropriate amount of recovery (sleep), hydration, hitting your calorie deficit and limiting the amount of alcohol you consume on a weekly basis.

Your lacking sleep - Whilst sleeping your body releases a natural hormone known as growth hormone, this hormone is greatly correlated to helping build lean muscle, therefore you want to maximize the amount your body secretes. Lack of sleep causes there to be an interference with the body’s metabolism, this affects how the body regulates sugar levels and can put you under similar stress seen in those who suffer with diabetes. Lack of sleep also suppresses the thyroid hormone, which is the primary regulator in how many calories the body burns on a daily basis, consequently if you are looking to maximize fat loss, it’s imperative that you boost your metabolism to move this process along.

Solution - Prioritize your sleep and aim for 7-9.5 hours of sleep every night, prepare for sleep and clear your mind and relax. If you’re crazy enough to train twice per day then try and fit in a 30min power nap.

Have you noticed the trend yet? It’s all about consistency, if your not assessing your just guessing and unless you have years of experience in weight loss and you know your body well and have achieved this multiple times before you can’t get away with guessing your way through (if this was the case you wouldn’t be here reading this).

Don’t give up!

Remember I’m here to help! If your finding this all a little too much and your not getting the results you want or deserve for the work your putting in then please download my FREE Nutrition E-Book, it provides you with everything you need to achieve your goals. Please click the link below and it will be emailed to you directly, remember I’m always here so feel free to send an email if you need any more support.

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